Melt is a luxury home fragrance brand specialising in scented candles inspired by the love and joy that the founders, husband and wife, share together in their everyday lives.

Their journey began with their deep love for fragrance, serenity, and creating an ambience that speaks to the soul.

Guided by their vision, they meticulously sourced the finest soy wax and paired it with fragrances to transform spaces into sanctuaries.

The mission is to continually capture the beauty and essence of Melt of yesterday and today as it illuminates spaces in your home with the soft glows and exquisite scents. Explore the range of luxury candles and captivating fragrances, all hand-crafted and designed to transport you to a piece of their journey- of sunsets shared, laughter echoes and dreams pursued together.

The heart of Melt beats with a purpose: to weave connections, ignite emotions, and bring a slice of serenity to every corner it touches.